Returning to Ottawa once again to find these boys.  We’ll be working on an installation as HUT at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, come watch us draw things on the wall with some other cool dudes ✓
Don’t do much fan art nowadays, but last week got me all hyped like a lil kid again.
just call me roy
woah long oops
Just put another one of these mixes up.  Good hunk of cheese in this one, sorry.  I still make these in extremely tiny quantities, lemme know if for some reason you wanna trade for one.  ~90min.  They live here.  
had a dangerous dungeon keeper II phase earlier this summer.
Really tho
State of the Garden, August - September ‘13
We got a banana plant ~♫
hate more with every sentence 
The new Liquid Television is up on Hulu now — Wrapping up the end of the 5th episode is the final segment of my pal Joseph Bennett’s mini-series Odin’s Afterbirth, which some friends and I helped animate on a couple of years ago.  There’s also random bits of Playing For Keeeps scattered throughout the LTV series, so you’ll maybe see that too if you watch the whole thing.  
been a while oops